Empathy Marketing Ltd (EML)

Empathy Marketing Ltd.

Empathy Marketing Ltd (EML) has been a pioneer in online marketing and research since the year 2000.

Since the launch in Ireland in 2000 of  the Pigsback.com brand and model,  EML has developed and fine-tuned its Empathy Marketing® practices. Pigsback.com is a highly advanced marketing and social commerce community facilitating transactional and marketing engagement for consumer brands.

Empathy Marketing®, as the name suggests, aims to engender a mutual understanding and engagement between consumers and brands. The task of creating meaningful levels of engagement across digital platforms is proving a very challenging one indeed for most consumer brands. By combining clear-cut permission-based communication with a personalized and tailored dialogue and offering, Pigsback.com has built a uniquely engaging environment and platform for consumer brands.

Empathy Marketing® functions within an environment where brand communications are invited and welcomed. This is backed by a very robust data strategy.


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